Friday, August 2, 2013

My Virgin Post...

The idea of a first post seemed daunting to me.. I have so much I want to say… My life’s focus from day to day shifts very often. Lately I've felt so scattered. I have so many interests.. (I think we all must!).. for me my interests are French culture, growing roses, a Low Carb lifestyle, photography (forever now!), growing my home based business (jewelry design) and losing weight... OMG finally losing this weight. This blog will be a compilation of some of all of my life but mostly about my journey back to finding the old me that has covered herself with layers and layers of fat!. There have been so many “eating styles” I have experimented with over the last couple of years but I've finally settled on a low carb lifestyle with LOTS of veggies and raw salads. In the last two years I’ve read extensively about.. and followed for weeks at a time the raw food lifestyle.. a very low carb, ketogenic diet., the vegan lifestyle, days of green smoothies, days of juice feasting.. I’ve done it all in the last two years. Everything.. and now ultimately I find I have got nowhere until the last couple of months.. (sure.. I LOST weight but these extreme lifestyles are not sustainable for ME), yes I did give myself a lot of education, I know this is a PLUS. but no discernible weight loss long term. My focus has been way too scattered. It seemed I was just cramming my brain with info but now am finding it harder and harder to concentrate on any one way of eating. I’ve decided to sort of combine several of them... RAW lifestyle (there is so much to this besides just eating salads!.. like soaking raw nuts, making your own almond flour.. etc.) and eating a low carb diet (Lots of green veggies and small servings (usually 4-5 oz) of meats, fish, chicken.. etc. I also believe in the occasional green juice (made with low GI fruit like cucumber, tomato and green apple with LOTS of spinach, romaine, kale, parsley..etc) and cramming my body with all those minerals in a little glass of goodness. So just as a starting point for myself and my records my high weigh was 257 pounds. As of this AM I weighed 225. I am down 32 pounds (was down 50) from my high weight. My goal weight is 140. And that’s my first post! Cheers!

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